Aayushi Iyer
4 min readDec 13, 2020

Whenever human beings have infiltrated the natural proceedings of the environment, it has a way of restoring its resources. Whenever human beings have considered themselves powerful enough to overthrow nature’s law, a natural calamity certainly tells us what true power the environment beholds.

But, this time it’s not about what humans did to make space for themselves anymore. It is more about the entire mankind coming together to fight against a pandemic that is affecting people in the entire world, taking lives away along with it, and leaving every human being threatened. Threatened of what? Freedom.

Since the Corona Virus has taken the world by storm, mankind has been left powerless against it. With no possible cure in hand shortly, man is tormented by immobility and lack of things to do. The virus has ravaged the world, affected lakhs and killed thousands of people. It has led to chaos and activities that are affecting every single individual.

When the access to basic needs is threatened by a small virus, leading to hatred and confusion, the human race has been left alone in combating the virus. Such a petty thing it is to strain a human! A little virus. Who would’ve ever thought that it had the power to wipe out people from the streets and leaving the outlook of planet earth as though it was never walked upon by humans!

But, instead of blaming, being anxious about the future and raising political opinions about a biological threat, what if we take this pandemic as a warning. What if this is an opportunity for us to restore, to start fresh towards a better life and grow while we are staying in? While we are isolated into our homes, being left with our family, why don’t we choose to accept what is happening?

Time is the most important commodity in this universe. And right now, being isolated gives us time in abundance. Catching up with our loved ones, our family members while staying isolated is the best possible thing that one can do right now. We have been given the time that we lost while working, and this should be room to grow.

Each individual today plays a significant role in battling the coronavirus. It is the responsibility of every human being to not leverage the threat at hand, but to chase it away by doing his/her part of social distancing. The time spent in isolation can be spent on various activities that would lead to better individuals once this pandemic comes to an end.

Viewing this time as an opportunity to read valuable books, and produce crafts that would later deliver magic is a wise thing to do. Learning new things is a great way to keep your mind at ease. This is a chance of self-mastery. Do the things you’ve always wanted to, but never got the time. Write that book, you’ve always wanted to write. Take that online course. Learn to cook what you’ve always wanted to. Create the art that you’ve always wished for the world.

Staying connected to the news is good, but let it not make you depressed. So, spend less time watching the news. Only know what is necessary. Start exercising at home and stay hydrated. Reach out to friends and family digitally in these tough times and stay strong while supporting each other.

In this alone time, leverage the quietude to work effortlessly, exploiting the time to create something bold and beautiful. As Robin Sharma has said, “Heroes are born- not during times of ease but in periods of dangerous discomfort”.

Mandela became Mandela on Robben Island. Rosa Parks became a hero while facing mistreatment. Isaac Newton delivered his theories during a pandemic. This ensures that we human beings have been given the ticket to become the best version of ourselves.

We must know that this too shall pass. The sun rises even after the worst storm. This is how the world works. We must trust that this mess will remake us, transform us into wiser, braver and more noble human beings. Life shall become better than before.

While playing your role of social distancing, and being wise enough to know the threats right now, it is important to be filled with gratitude towards the people who are working tirelessly to safeguard us. We mustn’t treat people caught up by the virus differently, it is a shame on the human race if we do so. We need to be compassionate and showcase love in times like these when slight mismanagement can prove to be fatal.

Pray for those affected, pray for the world as a whole. Do not let your thoughts be maligned by hatred, or creases that separate countries. It isn’t about your ‘one’ country anymore. It is a global issue that needs to be tackled with a global perspective with the idea of the entire world coming out better than before.

Stay Home. Spread Love. Be Compassionate and Grateful.

Together, we shall fight the Corona Virus and come out in a better world.

A world, more beautiful, and human beings stronger and braver.

Aayushi Iyer

Writing about Self Improvement, Mindfulness and Philosophy